There are no more demanding design and construction projects than those heavily based in scientific research and technology. The specs are exacting. Attention to detail is not just critical, it’s essential. Our science and technology team at Caylor is advanced, experienced and completely capable. We know that what we build today has a huge impact on what we discover tomorrow.

Center for Neurosciences
Construction of the facility’s Linear Accelerator Vault demanded a floor 3’ thick. The door to the vault weighs 11 tons and is balanced so perfectly that a 4-year old girl can move it. The walls range from 30” to 60” thick and, along with the ceiling (also 30” thick), are constructed from 142,000 blocks weighing 40 pounds each.

University of Arizona Lunar Lab
Built for the University of Arizona Board of Regents, this project demanded a complex renovation of an existing 50,000 square foot university building into a laboratory and NASA mission control center for space exploration. Integration of the mechanical systems and clean rooms were some of the most challenging we’ve encountered.