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Projects unlike any other. Ridiculously demanding schedules, high-stress materials and finishes, and the exacting choreography required in coordinating all the trades, creates an environment that we’re built to thrive in. It’s our job to make opening night a success, and that’s something we do every day...on time and on budget.

We were hired immediately after this Tucson icon was destroyed by fire. We recreated Micha’s original plans from the 70’s and updated them to conform to new building codes, working closely with multiple governing agencies. Our biggest challenge came in holding down costs given the extent and complexity of the fire’s destruction. We completely rebuilt the roof and created a stunning new state-of-the-art kitchen. We restored all four dining rooms and salvaged the charming Patio Bar. We are so proud of how the rebuild was completed.

First Watch
After purchasing all of the Good Egg restaurants in Tucson and Phoenix in 2014, the First Watch Corporation hired Caylor to handle the construction conversion of all 22 locations. Outstanding project coordination was required along with exceptional project scheduling and performance management because of an exceedingly tight completion schedule and the client’s insistence that all 22 restaurants remain open for business throughout the construction process.

The Melting Pot
Developed at The Foothills Mall, this iconic restaurant was designed and built for a Phoenix restaurateur. Timing was absolutely critical for the opening, and required extraordinary scheduling and work management to keep the project on schedule while ensuring a safe, secure site within an active retail mall.

Campus Candy
In 2010 we built the first Campus Candy franchise in Arizona on the campus of The University of Arizona. Now called “the coolest candy store in Southern Arizona,” the project started with a complete interior demolition and ended with the incorporation of several high-end finishes.

Cafe Poca Cosa
We were chosen for the build out of this iconic downtown restaurant in its new location in the Pennington garage. A custom bar and sealed floor, state-of-the-art kitchen and ventilation hood design set this restaurant apart from all the others we’ve designed and built. We were chosen to develop the Little Cafe Poca Cosa as well.

The Good Egg
Our long relationship with The Good Egg began in 1999 with the construction of their 1st Tucson location at Kolb and Speedway.

We have since been privileged to build their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th locations as well. Our strong relationship continues as we have completed the remodels to their first 3 locations. We are currently in the process of remodeling 6 of the 14 Phoenix locations by the end of 2015. The remaining 8 locations will be completed in Spring of 2016.

Josie's and Subway – Tucson, Sierra Vista, Thatcher
We have the privilege of a long-standing relationship with the Subway franchise. From 2002 to present day, we have built 23 Subway restaurants. Additionally, we have built the first two Josie’s Yogurt shops in Arizona.