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Where the rubber meets the road.

One of the best things about having a 55-year reputation for delivering the very highest quality work is the trust you’re given by clients, suppliers and subcontractors throughout the industry. It’s not something we take for granted, because we’ve worked very hard and very diligently to set that standard for ourselves. There should be – and is – an expectation of what you get when you work with Caylor: Highest quality craftsmanship; attention to detail; an excellence that shows. We don’t cut corners. We don’t use cheap materials. We are never slipshod in our work. 

For you, that means an extensive knowledge and experience working with the most challenging materials, the trickiest finishes, the most critical environments. We have built – to the most exacting standards – everything from clean rooms, laboratories and linear accelerators to high-end kitchens and heavy industry shop floors. There are few things that ever surprise us on a construction site. In fact, in most cases our experience lets us plan for “surprises” in advance. Our sites are clean. Our sites are orderly. Our sites are carefully controlled. Not everyone does that, but we do. 

Over the years we’ve literally seen it all and built it all, from massive design/builds to small, intimate build outs. Each is taxing in its own way because each is critically important to the client trusting us to do the work and do it right. And we take that very seriously

Caylor construction quality standards are higher than others. We demand it of ourselves. Our clients and peers expect it of us. 

And regardless of the size of your project, you will get our best.

Demo of our award-winning scheduling software.

“Thanks to you, the frustrations and problems often associated with construction projects never happened.”
— Carole Benz, CEO, ETC Compliance Solutions