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Our course of action is to utilize professional architects, structural engineers, and subcontractors with a proven track record for reliability and a trusted ability to maintain tight schedules. Our seasoned project managers, who we believe to have a depth of experience unmatched in the industry, provide constant oversight on each and every phase of the project. They work closely with the design professionals and superintendents to ensure quality control of materials used, fabrication techniques, finishes, and the timely ordering of long lead items on each of our projects. Because of the tight controls and oversight we insist on, we complete all of our projects on time and within budget.


We provide constant supervision, daily clean up, and regularly scheduled mandatory safety meetings. We maintain a debris free and safe environment for the occupants of the space, a clear exit path and dust barriers when needed. Our superintendents have email capability onsite to communicate any Request For Information to the Architect and our office; and have the ability to update schedules and daily logs online so that all participants are up to date.

Caylor Construction’s organizational structure, management philosophy, and approach to the work are based on close and consistent collaboration throughout the design and construction process. Our people, our systems, and our efforts are designed – and proven – to produce one consistent result: your requirements are met.