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It all starts with Design. 

Energy efficiency. Workflow efficiency. Workforce productivity. Longevity. Cost savings in time and materials. It all starts with Design.

At Caylor, our foundational belief is that the most successful projects are the result of a successful team effort. Our role on that team is to bring our experience and knowledge to your project to make sure you get the building – or build out – that you are envisioning. For us to help you achieve that, there are two things that 55 years designing and building have taught us that you need to know:

“The University was faced with the near impossible challenge of creating classroom space
under a six month time constraint and the Caylor Team was exceptional in assisting with the development,
and the construction of this outstanding facility.”
— Mercy Valencia, University of Arizona

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First, an exceptional building – or build out – begins with exceptional design. This is always true. And for any design to be considered truly exceptional, it must always account for workforce efficiency and productivity, client/customer comfort, energy-efficiency, materials, longevity, deadlines, and budget. And all of these issues must be accounted for at the very beginning of any project – in the design stage – for it to be the building or build out you want it to be. 

Second, cost-savings are designed into a project. This is also always true. The quality of a building and the cost-savings achieved throughout its construction are maximized only when those cost savings are designed into it from the design stage. When you have us involved from the very beginning, our knowledge and experience will not only maximize the quality of your project, it will maximize your cost savings on everything from design fees, materials, finishes, construction times, and manpower costs (while your project is under construction), to energy efficiency, workforce efficiency, and even the longevity of the project itself, once your project is finished! 

So bring us in at the beginning and let our design team work closely with you. Put our 55+ years of extensive knowledge and experience at the design table with you. Take advantage of what we’ve seen, what we’ve done, what we know works beautifully and what we know doesn’t work at all. Benefit from our ability to guide you on energy and workforce efficiencies, materials and finish longevity, and long term planning. 

Maximizing quality and cost savings now and for years to come…it all starts at the design stage. Include us!